Explore London With a Trip to the Tower Bridge

London, the UK’s capital and country, is a 21st-century urban centre with extensive historical history stretching right back to Roman times. At its heart sit the impressive imposing Houses of Parliament, the world’s oldest parliament building, the iconic Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey, home to historic crowning ceremonies. Further along the river, London’s Millennium Wheel is an impressive sight with its spinning circular structure. And across the Thames from the heart of London, The London Eye observation wheel offers panoramic sights of all of London and beyond. Also check this out – London Travelers The Tower of London, which serves as a crown jewel of London’s skyline, is also home to other important buildings and monuments. Among the most notable among these are the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and The London Eye. The London Eye is London’s main electronic display with stunning views of the London Eye’s London Eye tube and the River Thames. On top of this the tower houses the Globe Theatre, a modern theatre that seats around one hundred and forty people, and is well worth a visit. Built in 1931, it is London’s first official sky observatory and has been hosting world leaders and dignitaries since its inception. Besides the aforementioned landmarks, London’s west end is a must for visitors. The top destination is London zoo where you can view all the animals in their natural habitat, including the red foxes, chipmunks and shrews, to name but a few. If you are looking for more things to do in Westminster, then the answer is London’s top spot: the Big Ben. Not only does the historic bell tower provide a great vantage point from which to view the city, it also acts as the unofficial English leader, responsible for England’s finance throughout the years. Visit this details in London. If you are looking to visit London with your family, London vacation packages including a trip to the Big Ben are a must. The London Tower Clock is also a great place to take your family. It is situated in the heart of the city and is home to the world’s second biggest and oldest clock, along with the world’s third largest. At the top of the clock tower is the Big Ben, itself a work of art, featuring five lighted dials which change in color according to the hour. Not content with historical attractions, London has much to offer during the daytime. The west end of town is packed with interesting tourist spots including art galleries and museums, comedy clubs, art galleries and a swanky new shopping center. On the north side of London is the fashionable area of West End, filled with fashionable boutique hotels. The theater district is also on the same end of town. All in all, London’s history and culture are reflected in its architectural designs and its popular nightlife. Into culture? website here London is a wonderful city to visit and is particularly enjoyable during the winter months. A good number of cheap flights to London are available from all over the world during this time period. London is truly a unique place, boasting some of the finest museums, theatres and galleries in the world. So come and see what a real London experience is like! Whether it is the Tower Bridge or the Big Ben that takes your breath away, or maybe it is the natural history museum that inspires you, London is definitely a city worth visiting and will make any true adventurer want to return again.