Partial listing of endorsed artwhistlers. All contributions are first reviewed (we do not recognise whistling contest "world" titles, etc.). For a more complete list of artwhistlers in your area, or if you are interested in a specific artwhistler, you are welcome to contact us.

Note: Although our society is responsible for the term artwhistling, IAPS does not necessarily endorse all individuals who may now bill themselves as artwhistlers. Moreover, our society neither confers nor recognises any title which suggests international or best whistler in the world. If you have questions about a specific individual, please feel free to e-mail us.


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Welcome to the many centuries and traditions of art music - through artwhistling.

BACH - from BWV1067
       J.M. Schlitz, artwhistler

PAGANINI - from Sonata, Op.3 No. 1
       Hubert Wittig (GER), artwhistler

BUCKWALTER - from Scherzo in A Minor
       Hans-Martin Werner (GER), artwhistler
       with Embellish Handbell Ensemble

MONTI - from his Csardas
      Jack Cohen (CAN), artwhistler

THIRD STREAM - Paganini arr. by Wolf
       Hacki Tamás (HUN), artwhistler

SCHUBERT - Ave Maria (op. 52, no. 6)
       Lim Chae-Heung (임채흥) (KOR), artwhistler

TSUNAMI - Keisuke Kuwata (arr. by Hasegawa Yukihiro)
        Hasegawa Yukihiro, artwhistler

GERSHWIN - from "Summertime" (arrangement)
       Ron McCroby (USA), artwhistler
     (with thanks to the McCroby family for their contribution and support of IAPS)

       Li Chên-Chi (ROC), artwhistler

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